SOOGOOD 2 x 6dBi RP-SMA Dual Band 2.4GHz 5GHz + 2 x 30cm U.fl / IPEX Cable Antenna Mod Kit

I got this antenna to install on an older Acer Iconia A500 tablet running a custom Lollipop ROM. I live in an apartment with so much wireless interference on the 2.4GHz channel that the signal strength in my room as barely ever more than 2 bars and even so it was very slow and unstable. This is with the router outside in the living room less than 15 feet away in a straight line!.

I opened the tablet, drilled a hole right below the power plug and hot glued the connector in place since the included nut and washer made it a very tight fit. I then plugged the SMA cable and ran it over the battery and plugged it into the board connector. After putting it all back together I powered her on a presto! A full five bars now!.

The best thing it that I only need to attach this antenna in my room since it is where I have the worst reception. If I take it off I still get a pretty strong signal. I just attach it when the signal is weak. I will definitely be using this product for other antenna upgrades.