Motoraux Wireless-N Mini Wi-Fi Range Extender with Five Modes

We have a split-entry house, approx 40 ft x 20 ft. We moved our desktop PC without WiFi down to my son's room in the basement. Since the PC doesn't have a WiFi adapter (and a USB one I bought didn't work on it), we also moved the cable modem and cheap DLink router down there too. But of course this killed the WiFi in our bedroom, which is on the main floor at the opposite end of the house.

I purchased this product, set it up on the main floor, but on the same side of the house as my son's room. Once I got it set up, it worked great. I now have a full-strength signal everywhere in the upstairs.

The only complaint I have is the instruction "manual" (really, just a pamphlet). It does explain how to get into the configuration section, but the title of the section on page 2 should be something like "Initial Configuration", not "Setting up a Wireless Infrastructure Network". That makes it seem like you'd only do this to set it up as a WAP. The drawing reinforces that idea. It needs to be made clear that you have to do this step for whatever mode you want to use the device in.

The other issue is that I don't think there's any way to get back to the configuration once you set up the device in one of the modes (e.g. repeater). You have to do a factory reset to get it back to where you can point your browser to the device's IP and get into the configuration.