GE 24792 Attic Mount Antenna with Compact Design Receiving

I'm amazed by this little antenna. Before carrying it to the attic, I wanted to see if it would perform next to my TV's with a 3 foot cable and no preamp. On one TV I got around 35% signal strength on 4 of 5 UHF stations that are about 57 miles away (a couple are 22-27 miles). This was in the center of my house, 8 ft off the ground (crawlspace + my height). The signal was beaming through a bedroom, so at least two walls to get to the outside.

Also, I'm aiming through trees (tall oaks, trunks only) and hilly terrain. I'm going to compare this antenna to (1) a 15 year old 8 bay with 300ohm connector and a 15 year old channel master preamp, (2) a Channel Master CM-4228 antenna and Channel Master CM-7778 preamp, (3) G.E. Attic antenna and Channel Master CM-7778 preamp. All three antennae were tested in the same location in my attic. There was really no difference in signal strength between the three setups. The GE actually got slightly better performance overall, raising the signal strength 5 points on a couple of channels.

In my attic, I'm aiming through the roof, of course. The line of sight is obstructed, again, by the trunks of about six very tall trees, all within 250 feet, with the nearest two being about 50 feet. I mounted the GE at the very top of the roofline rafter. This places the antenna about 25-30 feet above ground level. Here is the signal strength I'm getting on 7 primary channels I can receive using the GE antenna. The mileage is calculated by TVFOOLS.COM. Note that the stations 57 miles away have their tower based on top of a 1,621 foot mountain. My antennae is pointing at 102 degrees. I had a TV close by that I could view from the attic. Cable length was about 35 feet

Channel A: 57.3 miles, 102 degrees, Signal Strength: 90
Channel B: 57.5 miles, 102 degrees, Signal Strength: 84
Channel C: 57.3 miles, 102 degrees, Signal Strength: 83
Channel D: 57.6 miles, 102 degrees, Signal Strength: 78
Channel E: 57.3 miles, 102 degrees, Signal Strength: 85
Channel F: 22.5 miles, 74 degrees , Signal Strength: 83
Channel G: 27.6 miles, 213 degrees, Signal Strength: 71

Once I connected my two way splitter and moved the test TV back to the bedroom, I lost about 10 pts of signal on each station, but the picture is still perfect with no pixelation. My TV locations require about 50ft and 75ft of cable from the TV to the antenna. In total, I get about 15 digital channels, with 7 of those being the primary channel.

It takes a few minutes to assembly and you have to be careful. The mounting hardware allows you to place the antenna just about anywhere. I have it mounted, hanging down from an angled rafter. TV signals can be strange, so your mileage may vary with any antenna. If you can't get a signal, no antenna in the world is going to help.