Docooler® Long Range Outdoor USB 150Mbps Wifi Wireless Adapter with Antenna 10m Cable

This review is for "Long Range Outdoor USB 150Mbps Wifi Wireless Adapter with Antenna and 10 Meter cable".

First you need to understand it is just what it says. It is a USB Wifi adapter, build into the same housing as a high gain Wifi antenna, attached to a long USB extension cable. It is NOT a router-repeat-NOT a router. But if your version of Windows can share an internet connection it can share this one.

Then WIndows will do the routing between this adapter and another adapter in the same computer to share an internet connection. The Ralink Wireless utility can put this in "access point mode" so other devices can connect to it, but then you have to get the internet from another source, not from this.

It is NOT a repeater by itself. If you have a wired LAN connection to your computer, you can use this as a Wifi access point to share the other connection through this adapter (on a Window XP or higher machine). But you will have to figure out how to make that work on your own, and it's pretty technical, maybe not for a novice.

Mine came with a mini CD, with the drivers locked up in a setup program, so Windows can't just find the drivers on the CD. The setup program has Chinese characters in the name so it would not run on my computers. You have to copy the file to another drive and rename it to "setup.exe" (or any_name.exe) to make it run, but then it does work (at least on XP and vista). Then the "Ralink Wireless USB adapter Setup" program will offer the option to install a Ralink Wireless utility and the drivers, or just the drivers alone.

There are driver folders for Linux, Mac, XP-Vista-Win7, and Win8. I installed this on XP and Vista only, and it worked great on both. It should work the same on Win7, 8, or 8.1 but I didn't try those. You need to be able to copy the driver setup program off the mini CD so you can rename it. Or you can get the Ralink RT2870/RT3070 driver on the internet, which will be a slightly newer version of the same setup program that is on the CD.

This device has the RT3070 chipset but the driver is called RT2870 and it works for a number of related chipsets. I have another adapter with an RT5370 chipset and it uses the same driver. It worked fine for me on XP and Vista. The Ralink Utility program worked also, on XP and Vista, but it doesn't do a lot and you don't need to install it. Windows can manage the adapter and the connection just fine without it.

I live in a rural area and the houses are pretty far apart. I put it in a window and it finds LOTS of networks. I can connect to an open network in a direction where the closest house is at least 700 feet away across an open field. I also stuck a 15' active USB extension in front of it and it still worked fine. I'm pretty impressed with this thing!

I also bought a "14db" panel antenna, and a wireless USB adapter with an external antenna connecter, to connect to that antenna, and connected that through a 15' USB cable. Basically the same thing in 3 separate pieces. Side by side on my window sill, this guy outperforms that setup easily, and this one is smaller and in one piece. I also tried one of those cheap so called 18db "Yagi" antennas but it's not a true yagi and it didn't do as well as the flat panel antenna or this device.

Although it is directional and picks up best in the direction it faces, it picks up almost as well off the back of the antenna,and short range it seems to pick up in any direction.

What haven't done is use it continuously for a long time, so I can't say how it holds up to heavy use. But in my tests it works very well and the Ralink RT3070 seems to be a good Wifi chip.

If you have a router, TV, or DVD player with a USB port, you can plug this in to it, but it won't do anything. This requires a driver to make it work, and the router or TV don't have a driver for it, and can't install one. This must be connected to a computer USB port to work, and you have to install a driver unless the system has one for it already install installed.

One last note: mine rattles. Something small is loose in the case, maybe a screw. I almost took it apart but it is sealed to be water resistant for outside use and I might put it outside so I just ignored the rattling and it works fine.