C.Crane C. Crane Versa USB WiFi Adapter 3

This is a very small, easy to use Wifi Adapter. To my surprise, on a windows 8.1 laptop, just plugging it in when you are in an area that your machine's Wifi works is fast and seamless. After that, you should turn off your computers wifi and you should be good to go. My problem was not signal strength.

While it was not great, the signal had to go thru at least 4 walls and the result was a signal, but while not obvious, the return signal from the laptop was not always getting to the router. Installed this and now get 5 bars, and a very fast, consistent signal. Can also now see 7 other systems in the area (versus 5 before), and the 5 I could just see are now 3 to 5 bars. Looking outside, that would indicated that this can pickup a strong signal from the houses around us, at least 200 ft. You can get a choice of stronger antenna, but for here, this is a major improvement.

Update: Stupid me did not scroll down the list of stationsturns out it is actually 17 not 7. Given that we live on a single street, that would mean we are getting signals from roughly 4 houses away in both directions, and both sides of the street. Rather amazing actually.