Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater and Range Extender (SR10000)

I've tried several repeaters/extenders the second best which I just returned was the Wireless-N Extender Kit XAVNB2001 which uses house wiring to extend you WIFI to a secondary unit thus extending your WIFI to uncovered area. That unit performed Very well, but I found if I had many electrical devices turned on it would interfere with the unit and access wasn't possible.

After searching and discovering that amped had a new High Power offering I read the reviews and decided to give it a tried. I find user reviews are extremely important to read before buying. It's a shame that both positive and negative false reviews are planted, but usually they are easy to spot.

In any case my previous number one Netgear has been replaced with my New No.1 amped SR10000.

My Findings after 2 Days:

1) amped SR10000 rated for 10,000 sq ft : I feel this is area is over rated, I'd say maybe more like 6,000 on average. However it did cover an entire 4,000 sq feet which included the basement. It also had at least 20% better coverage performance than the two other repeaters.

2) Signal dropping - hasn't dropped signal in use yet, nor did the Netgear XAVNB2001.

3) Failure to connect due to interference: Both the amped and the Netgear units would fail to connect is I had to many devices running in the basement. However amped out performed Netgear in this area. When I say turned on devices the number of devices was between 15 and 40. Type of devices arcade machines, amps, wireless mikes, dance floor scanners, florescent lighting, TV's, neon lights, robotics. After 15 devices Netgear would fail to connect and after approx. 25 amped would fail to connect.

4) Ease of setup: All repeaters/extenders were fairly easy to get running approx 15 to 20 minutes. I rate amped the best in this area however because of it's well laid out control panel which offered much more control and information. I especially like the signal display information within the setup wizard.

Scoring of 1 to 100 by comparison Netgear(XAVNB2001) scores 79 and amped/wireless scores 100.
Note: also the amped cost about 25% less.

My final assessment amped/wireless:

Over rated on coverage, but still the Best I've come across.

I was disappointed that the WI-FI Analytics Tool was only for the Andrriod and not available for the IPOD, but I would still highly recommend this unit.
Way to go "amped"