Amped Wireless High Power 1000mW Wi-Fi Signal Booster (SB1000)

I thought I'd write this review so hopefully I can save others some headaches if they happen to have Verizon Fios (internet and TV) and are stuck with Verizon's provided router, Actiontec M1424-WR.

If you have both Verizon internet and TV, you more or less need to be a some sort of professional networking guy to figure how to replace or hook up a repeater or whatever is to get more wifi signal around the house. I don't care to deal with hours of headaches and learn a new profession, I'm already good at other things. I wanted an easy fix for this problem.

Amped Wireless High Power Wi-Fi Signal Booster took less than a minute to install. It gave me about 3 bars of signal on my iPhone in my office and 2 bars in the backyard, where I did not get any signal at all. I also used a freeware program called iStumbler to check the wifi signal for an increase. In my office next to the kitchen, where I would get a signal strength of 30% (and repeatedly dropped connections), I had an increase at exactly 70% without no dropped connections.

I also tried the Hawking HiGain Signal Booster version 2 - HSB2 from Amazon, which made a really irritating high-pitched sound. Wife and I could not live with that. So for around $20 more, this device was well worth it. This Amped Wireless antenna gave more signal strength than the Hawkings booster with NO NOISE.

Also note that wifi signals can change drastically from where the antenna is positioned. You need it as high as possible, above furniture. Things like refrigerators or TV's can effect the signal.

Hopefully this antenna will work for you. It did exactly what we needed it to do for us. I spent hours trying to find a solution online. All I found were tech advice which was way over my head.