TP-LINK TD-W8961ND Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Modem Router

I use Verizon DSL in Arlington, Virginia. I had gotten an email from Verizon recommending I switch to WPA2 security for WiFi, a security level that my 8/10 year old Westell 327 didn't support.

Verizon sells upgrade routers for those in my circumstance, but its specs didn't look too good compared to this TP-Link and its .99-ending pricing on both the router and on shipping & handling was a little bit of an insult to my intelligence, so I decided to buy one externally instead.

I use Linux and the quick setup option when you go to (the modem's webpage) worked fine in activating my Internet after I rebooted my computer.

Main thing is to make sure you have the VPI, VCI and encapsulation method for your internet provider. TP-Link provides that in a table in the back of its "Read this before proceeding" guide, or you can google it. Verizon seems to have two options, 0/35 PPPoE LLC and 0/35 1483 Bridged LLC.

I chose the first, but the router later switched me over to the second so maybe it knows how to configure itself after the initial handshake with Verizon. And yes, the wireless tab is where you can configure WPA2 security.

I bought this used from Amazon (warehouse deal), it was about 35% cheaper, it included all the parts (telephone wires, ethernet cable, ADSL splitter, two guide books and a Windows install program) that the guidebook said it should include.

The unit looks very nice and solidly built. It worked fine for me, but warning, if you're untechnical or impatient you might wish to just get whatever your DSL provider sells you instead, even if it's more expensive you might get better help when you call your DSL provider if you have connectivity problems. That said, TPL-Link does provide a 24/7 800 number and email for technical assistance (I didn't need or use.)

Finally, the box the unit came in has a sticker which says, in addition to Verizon, that it will work with Earthlink, Windstream, Qwest, AT&T and CenturyLink. Just remember this unit is for telephone-line DSL, not cable line DSL.