Securifi Almond - (3 Minute Setup) Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender

I've been an electronic consumer for decades and for the very first time, I have to say Securifi has truly impressed me with NOT just their product, but their superior customer support quality.

I ordered the Almond as a range extender and it arrived the next day, directly shipped from Securifi. As far as user manual, guess what?

You won't need it, since it's so easy to setup from the touch screen user interface. Who really enjoys reading manual anyway? Maybe some of you do but I don't.

Product setup: I had it up and running within 5 minutes (could be less but it went too fast so I lost count). It connected flawlessly to my Apple Extreme router without issue.

I quickly tapped into the Firmware update menu, and see if I need to do any updates. As of today (3/6/2013), the firmware has already been updated to the latest at the time they shipped it. Awesome!

The range is very good. I would give it a 8 out of 10 as it doesn't have an external antenna, but it will probably spoil the elegant design of its simplistic look. That part is totally forgivable.

Customer support: This is really worth buying the product alone as you don't see this kind of service everyday these days.

When I setup the Almond, I noticed that the _Almond was attached to the SSID of my router. I don't want that to be attached since I hate to toggle between the Router's and the Almond's SSID manually.

I basically want my connection seamless. I'm too embarrassed to mention of what I have overlooked, but I couldn't find the way to make the SSIDs identical.

I called Securifi's tech support but I hung up while I had another incoming call. About 5 minutes later, I got a call from Securifi, I thought, that was strange as I didn't leave any voice mail to them, but they called me anyway.

The female lady I spoke to, spoke perfect American English, which I had absolutely NO problem understanding, introduced herself professionally, and walked me through the setup process patiently.

Guess what? Within two minutes (this time, I did count), the annoying _Almond SSID is gone! She did resolved my issues effectively.

I praise Securifi for two things, Outstanding product with a beautiful and elegant design, and a top-notch, out-of-this world customer support.

What more can you ask for? They will come up with a newer product, which will be released around September. For sure I will buy from them again.

Hope this helps you to make your purchasing decision. Please rate and comment if you have a few minutes. This lets me know that it's worth my time and efforts writing this sort of review. Cheers.

+++++++++++++++++++++++ Follow up review - after 20 days of deployment 3/26/2013 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


1. Unit is still working great with no hiccups. The only time I have to restart the unit, is when I had to adjust the wireless channel. Almond didn't seem to pick it up automatically but self-fixed after the reboot

2. When the unit was situated right next to my aquarium (17 gallons), the signal was weakened, but everything back to normal when I re-situated it to a different spot. It appears that the water volume has affected the Almond adversely.

3. The time-out settings tweak: If I put 1000 seconds on the time-out setting, the LCD appeared to be lit all the time and doesn't go dark anymore. This might be helpful if you want to "show off" your Almond screen. :-)

4. Weather (temperature) does NOT refresh automatically until you hit the "REFRESH" button.

Conclusion: Definitely no major flaw at all and I'm still a happy camper.