Netgear N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router (WNDR3400)

I bought the N600 after having problems with the signal from Linksys e1000 constantly dropping the wireless signal after only one week of use.

The setup out of the box is relatively simple as you have the option of using the setup disc or logging in online and setting up from there.

I tested them both, but opted for the disc setup. The bridge setup for the PPPoE settings was fast and the connection test is automatic which is very convenient.

There are a couple of minor tweaks to make such as clicking the radio button which establishes a constant internet connection, nothing too heavy.

I liked being able to assign my own SSDI network name and password upon setup--which is something Linksys did not offer. The router does not have pre-drilled holes for wall-mounting--what I prefer--but I solved that issue by spending $1.97 on two large strips of commercial velcro from WalMart and sticking the router on to the wall next to my modem. Simple.

You also have the option of turning the router off from the back and also turning off the blue circular light on the top exterior by gently pressing it for 2 secs and releasing it.

I run a wired laptop, two wireless laptops, an Epson 610 wireless printer, my Blackberry Curve, and one Wii connection via this router.

I'm very partial to the HD setup as I stream Netflix via the Wii regularly. Both wireless laptops (XP and W7) picked up the signal immediately and the range is excellent throughout the house--four strong bars. Not bad without an antennae.
If you have a 6 DECT phone, you will need to unplug the main phone from the base prior to establishing the wireless network and plug it back once the wireless network is setup.

For whatever reason, having the phone plugged during the initial setup interferes with the signal upon setup. There were no issues with signal interference when I plugged the phone back in.

I had a Belkin router for 5 (problem free) years before trying the Linksys e1000 N router which proved to be a headache due to its limited range.

The N600's wired and wireless connections are both extremely fast and when streaming video--especially via my Wii--I noticed the difference in HD video quality immediately.

To date, I've streamed movies from Netflix, printed documents from my wireless laptop, while streaming music from Pandora on my Blackberry and have yet to have an issue.

Also, if you are adding a wireless printer for the first time to your network, you will still need to unplug your 6 DECT phone prior to setup.

I need to add that the best feature--in my opinion--is the USB/Readyshare connection which allows you to hook up an external hardrive for sharing between multiple PCs in your home.

I no longer have to drag an external drive with extra files from one computer to the next. I just click on the Readyshare icon on whatever PC I'm on and there everything is and there is no lag time in downloads.

Storing files from my laptops to the readyshare drive have proven to be easy, as I just move them from the folders of whatever device I am working on to the readyshare drive by dragging them.

This router has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it as a solid "buy" for a very reasonable price.

UPDATE: As of June 2012, the router is still performing exceptionally well. I now have linked my Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC EVO, Wii, Epson 610 printer, and four laptops to the router and it is still running with no lag time.

Netflix stream ridiculously clear and in sync on my Galaxy Tab up to 30ft away and the N600 remains blazing fast. I would bet the reason most people are having problems with the router signal being choppy is that they failed to unplug their DECT phones before settiing up the router.