Bolo Brands N Wireless 18dbi 2.4GHz Wifi High Gain Antenna

I took a chance and bought this because a lot of people were saying 5 bars. I didn't get 5 bars at 1st.

The network I connect to is about 100 yards away and my window is sideways to the building I am getting the internet from in the office of my apartment complex that they share with us.

They have a DSL router with no antenna prop. I was getting 2 to 3 bars with my cantenna which cost me just a little more than this after getting all the parts to build it.

I had both a Wireless G & N dongle made by Rosewill with my Cantenna. Oddly the Wireless-G USB dongle was working better than the Wireless-N with the cantenna.

With this Bolo Brand Antenna, my Wireless-N works better and it's a more solid connection. My wireless-G was disconnecting.

I have my antenna propped on a adjustable camera tripod that sits nicely on my desk next to the window.

The antenna is very directional and raising it up or down just a little can make a huge difference in picking up the signal stronger.

I would put this antenna outside but, the apartment complex might not like it. It works fine right on my desk.

There is no instructions that come with antenna. It doesn't tell you to pull the little black caps off or how to aim or anything.

The caps are there to protect you from being cut by the metal. Pull them off when you go to use it. You aim the antenna as if you are pointing it towards the transmitter.

The SMA cable is a little short. I would recommend getting an Extension cable.

I use a usb cable with the extension end that I connect my dongle and then connect the dongle to the pigtail of the SMA cable connected to the antenna.

Some people are buying the extension SMA cable and it's probably a good idea to buy one when you order one of these. I seem to have minor USB issues.

I will see three bars and then I disconnect my USB cable and plug it back in and most of the time I end up with 5 bars after that. It's most likely a USB Power issue.

I think I am going to buy the SMA extension cable and replace my usb extension cable.

I am happy with purchasing this antenna. It's well worth the money. I recommend buying one of these antennas!

I only gave it 4 stars because of the lack of instructions and just a little because it should really recommend buying an extension cable.