Getting Smartphone Up and Running

No matter which phone model you’ve acquired, you’re about to discover exactly how to get your phone up and running quickly so you can take full advantage of the powerful features it offers and incorporate this new device into your daily life.

While there are a growing number of Windows Mobile Smartphone devices on the market—such as the Motorola MPx200 and MPx100, the Samsung i600 (available in the U.S. and overseas), the Orange SPV (available in Europe), and the MiTac’s Mio 8390 or doPod 515 (available in Asia, the South Pacific, and Japan)—they all run using the Windows Mobile operating system.

This means the functionality each device offers is basically the same. Sure, some devices may have built-in Bluetooth compatibility, a built-in digital camera, or a few extra applications bundled with the phone, but in terms of how your Smartphone actually works, the Windows Mobile operating system software (what makes the Smartphone run) is extremely similar among all of the devices.

No matter which Smartphone you’ve purchased, it comes in a box that contains everything you need to get your Smartphone up and running. (The accessories your device comes with may vary based on the Smartphone model you’ve purchased.) Shown here is the list of what comes with two popular Smartphone models sold in the United States:

Motorola MPx200 (AT&T Wireless)

  • Desktop charger and sync cradle
  • Headphones (for listening to audio)
  • Owner’s manual and quick start guide
  • Phone headset
  • SIM card (from the service provider, such as AT&T Wireless)
  • Smartphone handset (the MPx200)
  • Smartphone software for your PC
  • Standard battery
  • Travel charger
  • USB cable for connecting your Smartphone to your computer

Samsung i600 (Verizon Wireless)

  • Customer support CD
  • Desktop charger/sync cradle
  • Extended battery
  • Hand strap for the phone handset
  • Hands-free headset
  • Leather case
  • Phone handset (Samsung i600)
  • Samsung companion CD
  • Samsung user guide CD
  • Secure digital card
  • Standard battery
  • Travel charger
  • Wireless sync CD