Hunting for Hosting

Now that you understand the difference between the various sorts of hosting you can purchase, you're ready to start looking for a host for your website. There are many different places you can look for information about hosting companies and hosting plans.

Of course, you can visit Google and search for cPanel hosting to find some web hosts, but just because a host appears near the top of the search results does not mean that it will be the best host for your needs.

Finding the right host requires a good deal of research and perhaps even a bit of luck. There are so many web hosts that it is impossible to compare them all. A good general starting place is Web Hosting Talk (often referred to as WHT). This forum is one of the busiest web hosting-related sites on the Internet and it attracts many web hosts and customers.

For example, if you are looking for shared hosting, a good place to start is the shared hosting advertising area. You can also sign up for a free account and talk to others about web hosting and web hosts. If you are looking for an answer to a particular question you should always try to use the search feature first before posting, since your question may have already been answered.

If you find a web hosting with a plan that looks interesting, do a search and see what others think of that host. If you find a web host with a very cheap plan but you find that there are a lot of negative comments about it, then you might want to consider finding another host.

Another place to go if you are looking for cPanel web hosting is to cPanel Inc.'s own forum. In the Ads and Offers area there are a number of web hosts who post specials. Once you've tracked down a few hosts that offer plans you are interested in you'll want to find a site where you can compare those hosts to find the best one for your needs.

One such site is Here you will find articles on a number of web hosting-related topics as well as an extensive database comparing many hosts and their hosting plans.

Not only can you find hosting plans based on how much you are willing to pay, but you can also search based on a wide variety of other criteria such as where the web host is located, the standard features they offer and even how well actual customers rate them.

Although most sites like this do not allow you to search based on the type of hosting control software used, if you already have a short list of possibilities, you can compare these hosts to fine-tune your selection.